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How to Reduce Your Waste in Bournemouth

How to Reduce Your Waste in Bournemouth

Cleaning Up Bournemouth

Bournemouth, due to the high rate of tourism from the beaches, can generate tonnes of rubbish. This amount of waste being left around and disposed of is very harmful to the environment and needs to be reduced. The Bournemouth government have put together a few aims and schemes that will help to reduce the amount of waste being disposed of per household. 

Their Aims

The Bournemouth government has put together 4 main goals that they wish will help to reduce the waste produced. By putting together these aims, it sets the standard for waste reduction in Bournemouth, and gives residents and tourists alike the motivation needed. Their aims consist of encouraging households and local businesses to reduce the amount of waste they produce. The last two are to make sure all the waste in Bournemouth’s boundaries is dealt with and then to meet all the UK and EU recycling and waste legislative targets. 

Their Schemes

There are a few different schemes that have been put in place that should help to reduce waste production for all different types of waste. If we all started to follow the schemes whilst remembering the aims, we should be wasting little in no time.

  • Big and Little Bins – This scheme helps households recycle more of their waste. The big bins they are provided with are for recycling and the little ones are for normal household waste. Both are collected fortnightly on alternative weeks. This will encourage people to make sure to recycle as much as possible so that their little bin won’t end up overflowing. 
  • Green Waste – This is collected from just February to December and if you are eligible and registered, it can be collected fortnightly.
  • Food Waste – In 2014, food bins were issued to all households which also included biodegradable bin liners. They are also collected every 2 weeks, same day as the little bins. 
  • Projects and Campaigns – The waste prevention campaign and green goals help the residents recycle and also bring the community together through activities that help the environment.

What About Those Bigger Projects? 

These schemes are very helpful when it comes to reducing household and business waste and increasing recycling rates. However, we understand that during larger, construction projects it’s much harder to know how to handle your waste. The best, cost-effective solution is to hire a skip, from Reliable Skip Hire Bournemouth. We recycle as much of your waste as can be, and we also have lots of different sizes to suit your needs. Some waste, especially from construction, is inevitable and that’s why, if you do have to generate waste, you should dispose of it with a reliable, reputable company like ours. Click here to book a cheap skip through our website.

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